The Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center (SCHC) seeks to transform the community by sharing the love of Christ in word and deed, to facilitate community development and holistic healthcare through the empowerment of the residents in the community.


Role of Community Outreach Assistant:

The Community Outreach Assistant works to connect SCHC staff and clients with the community where it is located. This could be through health fairs or other local community events but can also include one-on-one interactions with people in the community. This position is a good mix of administrative and client interaction.


Responsibilities of Community Outreach Assistant:

  • Assist community with health insurance eligibility and enrolling in insurance
  • Assist with & organize volunteers/staff for health fairs
  • Assist with community garden maintenance & community involvement
  • Works one-on-one with patients with shorter term needs (how to talk to electric company for a payment plan, transportation options, etc.)
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients, medical staff and the public
  • Some local travel required to attend meetings and trainings, visit other SCHC clinics, health fairs and/or attend community events
  • Can assist with meeting with patients in prayer room
  • Other duties as assigned


The above description is 50% of the LTN program.

On average, LTN interns spend 25-30 hours per week at their internship, 15 hours per week serving their neighborhood and 15 hours per week on personal growth and development. To understand the LTN program, we recommend you view our program page.

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