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About the Media + Design Track

Due to budget and time restraints, many nonprofits struggle to produce high quality media content. As a result, there is a gap between the importance of the work accomplished and the quality of the communication delivered to the public. The Media & Design Team exists to function as a pro bono advertising and storytelling resource for our nonprofit ministry partners. In turn, young adults are given the opportunity to rapidly expand their personal portfolios as they produce a variety of content in their field. Bring social change with the gospel by working with various innovative nonprofits. Team Members are also given the opportunity to network with local artists to explore issues such as the marketplace and faith.


Role of Photographer:

This position is for photographers who want to capture life at a nonprofit. Nonprofits are always in need of people to take more photos of what every day life looks like at their site. We are looking for people to come and take quality photos for our nonprofit partners.


Responsibilities of Photographer: 

  • Document life at/with a non-profit
  • Produce content for various non-profits
  • Work with local artists

*Proficiency with photography editing software required. Portfolio submission required for this position.


The above description is 50% of the LTN program.

On average, LTN interns spend 25-30 hours per week at their internship, 15 hours per week serving their neighborhood and 15 hours per week on personal growth and development. To understand the LTN program, we recommend you view our program page.

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