Year City Life Intern (Jan. – Dec.)

About Youth For Christ and City Life

Youth For Christ reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement. City Life is the branch of Youth For Christ that is focused on reaching youth in Urban communities. Specifically, we focus on reaching youth in West Louisville in the Shawnee neighborhood. 

Louisville, Kentucky is one of the most segregated cities in the United States. West Louisville is a community that has been plagued by the effects of segregation (lack of resources, under-performing schools, heavy violence, and drug usage). Many of the youth we work with live and go to school in a  war zone, including gang violence, immense poverty, the continued drug epidemic within a densely populated area.

Our goal is to build authentic Christ-sharing relationships with the youth. We do this by sharing our story, allowing them to share their story, and connecting it to God’s story. We offer an array of programs and opportunities. Our programs focus on our holistic model. We seek to help youth in Basic Health and Safety, Educational Success, Spiritual and Moral Literacy, Economic Literacy, and Civic Literacy. 

At the City Life facility, we usually see 15-20 youth each day, depending on the time of year and programming. The facility includes open spaces for games, activities, and bible studies, as well as space for tutoring and teaching programs.


Role of City Life Intern 

The City Life Leader will help with the current programs and report to the Site Director. Through serving with City Life, the intern will be trained in how to understand and interact with urban youth. There will be opportunities to assist in community projects alongside other ministries or events in the Shawnee neighborhood. There will also be opportunities to engage in the lives of youth coming from many difficult home situations, including 1:1 conversations, sharing the gospel, leading devotional time, and tutoring youth. City Life also has several sports programs where the intern can build relationships with youth, including flag football. The intern will have many opportunities to counsel and listen to many of the youth in our community. 

This role is for someone who is self-motivated, can identify problems, and help find resolutions. The City Life Intern should be someone who will engage the youth with each opportunity, and who has a passion for urban communities, social justice, youth ministry, and youth development. 

This will be a great opportunity for someone who would like to go into Teaching, Coaching, Youth Mentoring, or Urban Ministry.


Responsibilities of City Life Intern

  • Assisting in current existing programs (such as cooking, tutoring, guys group, girls group, etc.)
  • Assisting in administrative functions for the facility 
  • Participating in activities and engaging in relationships with the youth
  • Helping serve youth snacks, meals, and other offerings 
  • Building and strengthening relationships within the community
  • Working with other ministries, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Lightup Shawnee, Fuller Center for Housing, and Shawnee Ministries and Community Collaborative

The above description is 50% of the LTN program.

On average, LTN interns spend 25-30 hours per week at their internship, 15 hours per week serving their neighborhood and 15 hours per week on personal growth and development. To understand the LTN program, we recommend you view our program page.

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