Year Metro Christian Legal Aid Operations Intern (Jan. – Dec.)

About Metro Christian Legal Aid

Metro Christian Legal Aid (MCLA) was founded in 2014 by Randy Gibson with a mission to “Pursue Justice, Bring Hope, Restore Peace and Change Lives.” MCLA is a ministry that shares the gospel while providing legal aid and advocacy. The need for free legal counsel can be overwhelming as there are thousands of clients who are not served in the metro Louisville area alone. Metro Christian Legal Aid can provide information to clients on how to retain basic necessities, such as housing, employment, family relationships, veterans’ benefits, good credit, and Social Security. Nearly all of MCLA’s work is designed for clients to easily learn about their legal rights and remedies and to be trained to take appropriate action on their own. 

Most of the legal issues that MCA assists with are non-criminal cases. Clients of MCLA are working through issues such as family law, housing, finance and employment, immigration, non-profit consulting, and exploitation or trafficking. As a private non-profit, which is not funded by the government, MCLA is the only place in Louisville that can assist with immigration issues for anyone who does not have legal status in the United States. There are no economic or other limitations on who can seek help from MCLA; anyone who is looking for free legal counsel can receive services from MCLA. 

At any of MCLA’s weekly or monthly clinics, which are held in neighborhoods all around the city, clients can meet with an MCLA volunteer or staff attorney, where they will be prayed for and given legal counsel, next steps, and referrals to other appropriate attorneys if needed. Since 2014, MCLA has served nearly 2,000 clients in the way. 


Role of Operations Intern 

The Operations Intern will work directly with MCLA staff to assist with the general office operations as well as with the weekly clinics and annual events. They will work primarily with the Director of Operations and will be the first point of contact for clients and visitors to the office. They will assist with communications, calendars, social media, clinic follow-up, and creating a welcoming atmosphere in the office. They will also assist in planning for the annual prayer breakfast and other fundraising events. 

This role is for someone who has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, who is organized and detail-oriented, who is compassionate when working with a wide variety of people, and who is flexible and able to be self-directed and can problem-solve independently. 

This role is perfect for someone who is pursuing a career in office administration, case management, non-profit administration, event planning, communications, or who is pursuing law school. 


Responsibilities of Operations Intern 

  • Maintain a welcoming presence as the ‘first face’ for visitors in the office
  • Answer phone calls and emails
  • Assist clients with clinic sign-up
  • Follow up with clients after each clinic 
  • Connect clients with appropriate resources outside of MCLA
  • Assist with social media and online presence
  • Assist with planning and executing fundraising events, including annual prayer breakfast
  • Assist with new initiatives, such as a weekly bible study, prayer call, or creating new resources for clients

The above description is 50% of the LTN program.

On average, LTN interns spend 25-30 hours per week at their internship, 15 hours per week serving their neighborhood, and 15 hours per week on personal growth and development. To understand the LTN program, we recommend you view our program page.

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