About Sojourn Church Midtown

Sojourn Church Midtown started in 2000, engaging the people of our urban neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We care about the souls of men and women first, but also physical needs, music, the arts, and community life. We exist to reach people with the gospel, build them together as a multicultural church, and send leaders, church planters, and missionaries all over the world as well as send our members into Louisville as witnesses to the gospel. Since 2012, Sojourn Church Midtown has been located in the Shelby Park neighborhood, which is a diverse and urban neighborhood in the most impoverished zip code of Louisville. The church has a conviction and a vision to be a place where all residents of Shelby Park feel loved and welcome, and since moving to Shelby Park, church leaders have been shepherding their members towards gospel reconciliation and discipleship across all cultural lines. 


About Sojourn Mercy Ministry 

Sojourn Mercy ministry is a part of the Sending Ministries at Sojourn Church Midtown. Mercy ministry exists to equip the church to build bridges that renew our neighborhoods and restore lives. Their desire is to train God’s people to use their gifts – whatever they may be – to serve others and reach people with the gospel wherever they live, work, and recreate. 


About Sojourn Midtown International Missions

Sojourn Midtown’s international missions ministry sends out short-term, mid-term, and long-term missions teams to many places around the world. Sojourn Midtown has about 20 families who have been sent long-term around the world. In support of those families, Sojourn Midtown also provides pastoral care via virtual and in-person visits, as well as sending small short-term mission teams to these families. 


Role of Sending Ministries Assistant:  

The Missions Ministry Assistant will assist the Pastor of Sending and the Sending staff team at Sojourn Church Midtown with both the international and local mission work of the church. Within International Missions, they will assist with coordinating short term missions trips, missionary care, and missions training. They may help with commissioning Sundays or missions events. They will also help organize logistics for missionaries who are in Louisville on furlough. They will help create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for both staff and visitors within the church office.


The Sending Ministries Assistant will also assist the Mercy Director with local neighborhood outreach and benevolence within the church. This can include but is not limited to assisting with the Mercy ministry calendar, coordinating volunteers for events, assisting with event planning & implementation, other administrative duties, etc. Some events and programs that the intern may help with are after-school tutoring, Fall Festival, Medical Clinics, Affordable Christmas, Easter Egg hunt, neighborhood prayer walks, and more. The Mercy ministry also processes all benevolence requests that come into the church, from intake to follow-up to connecting individuals to other services throughout the city. The intern may help with the benevolence process. 


This role is perfect for someone who is passionate about international and local missions, is administratively gifted and detail-oriented, empathetic, patient, relational, has good communication and planning skills, and is organized. This job is for someone who is pursuing a career in church ministry, missions, mercy ministry, counseling, administration, event planning, inner-city ministry, neighborhood development, social work, case management, human services, non-profit management.  


Responsibilities of Missions Ministry Assistant:

  • Assist with organizing missionary care & training
  • Organize logistics for short term missions trip teams
  • Plan and coordinate teaching & training events
  • Assist with missions prayer nights
  • Assist with social media & website content and updates
  • Create an atmosphere of hospitality
  • Complete administrative tasks assigned by the Pastor of Sending, Director of Mercy, and other Sending Ministry staff
  • Plan and coordinate the church’s outreach events (Medical Clinics, Fall Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Affordable Clinic)
  • Recruit and manage volunteers for events
  • Manage inventory of event supplies
  • Assist with calendar scheduling, benevolence inquiries, promotion of events during Sunday services


The above description is 50% of the LTN program.

On average, LTN interns spend 25-30 hours per week at their internship, 15 hours per week serving their neighborhood and 15 hours per week on personal growth and development. To understand the LTN program, we recommend you view our program page.


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