Year Youth Ministry Assistant (Jan. – Dec.)

About Sojourn Church Midtown

Sojourn Church Midtown started in 2000, engaging the people of our urban neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We care about the souls of men and women first, but also physical needs, music, the arts, and community life. We exist to reach people with the gospel, build them together as a multicultural church, and send leaders, church planters, and missionaries all over the world as well as send our members into Louisville as witnesses to the gospel. Since 2012, Sojourn Church Midtown has been located in the Shelby Park neighborhood, which is a diverse and urban neighborhood in the most impoverished zip code of Louisville. The church has a conviction and a vision to be a place where all residents of Shelby Park feel loved and welcome, and since moving to Shelby Park, church leaders have been shepherding their members towards gospel reconciliation and discipleship across all cultural lines. 


Role of Youth Ministry Assistant 

The Youth Ministry Assistant will work with the S2 (Sojourn Students) Director at Sojourn Church Midtown to lead the middle school and high school students and the S2 volunteers. The students of S2 are from diverse backgrounds, and the mix of students can be unpredictable week to week. In the midst of complex ministry, S2 leaders value the relationships they build with students over managing behaviors. Leading S2 can sometimes require quick problem-solving skills and creative responses to chaos—and above all, it requires the grit and perseverance it takes to love kids who come from hard places. 

The Youth Ministry Assistant will work during the week to plan and prepare for S2 activities, and then will help run events on Sundays. There may also be opportunities to visit students in school, teach at a bible study or S2 event, or mentor students in small groups. The Youth Ministry Assistant will also help plan future events and manage some organizational and administrative tasks. 

This role is perfect for someone who is even-keeled and cool under pressure, persistent in pursuing and loving youth from hard places, is patient and self-assured, passionate about teaching the gospel to youth, easy-going and flexible, skilled in planning events, organized, and administrative. 

This job is for someone who is pursuing a career in church or student ministry, education, social work, foster care, or event planning. 


Responsibilities of Youth Ministry Assistant 

  • Plan, set up, and assist with weekly Sunday night S2 services (during the school year)
  • Plan, set up, and assist with weekly Sunday morning Bible Study (during the summer) 
  • Plan, set up, and assist with monthly Saturday social events 
  • Assist with volunteer communication and care, including weekly emails 
  • Assist with the monthly newsletter sent to all parents of S2 students
  • Plan and assist with Fall, Spring, and Summer retreat weekends and other big events
  • Assist S2 Director with planning and researching for the teaching time on Sundays
  • Visit S2 students at school or in their extracurricular activities 
  • Meet in small groups with students for mentoring
  • Desired but not required: intern’s own vehicle to meet with students and run errands

The above description is 50% of the LTN program.

On average, LTN interns spend 25-30 hours per week at their internship, 15 hours per week serving their neighborhood and 15 hours per week on personal growth and development. To understand the LTN program, we recommend you view our program page.

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